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Cold Cream of Grana Padano and citrus salmon tartar

Crema fredda di Grana Padano DOP, cavolfiore, punte di asparagi e tartare di salmone agli agrumi

Grana Padano DOP

Cold Cream of Grana Padano and citrus salmon tartar

Time: 45 min Lifestyle: Creative Type of cheese: Grana Padano Course: Single dish

For the cream:
300 ml cream
200 g small pieces of cauliflower
150 g Grana Padano PDO
salt and white pepper

For the garnish:
200 g broccoli tops
12 ciabatta bread croutons 
12 asparagus
20 g salmon eggs
fresh marjoram
lime zest, orange and lemon

For the Tartar:
150 g salmon fillet with
30 ml citronette (lemon juice, olive oil, salt, white pepper)
lime zest, lemon and orange


Preparation time: 45 min

For the cream:
Then boil the small pieces of cauliflower in salted boiling water, then drain and let cool. Heat 200 ml of cream and then add the grated Grana Padano PDO cheese and mix until it melts. Add salt and pepper. Put the Grana Padano fondue, fresh cream, a little milk and some ice cubes in the blender. Whisk to a homogeneous cream. Filter and leave to rest in the refrigerator to allow the foam to rise.

For the garnish:
Blanch the small pieces of broccoli in salted boiling water, then drain and cool them in water and ice. Clean the asparagus, boil and cool them in water and ice. Wash the marjoram.

For the tartar:
Chop the salmon pulp without the skin and bones with a knife. Put the pulp in a bowl and add the "citronette" and grated citrus peel. Keep in the fridge. 
Pour the cream in soup bowls, garnish with small pieces of broccoli, asparagus tips, salmon eggs and tartar quenelles. Finish the decoration with the citrus fruit peel, some marjoram leaves, rosemary flowers and a dash of extra virgin olive oil. Serve with crusty bread on the side.


Preparation time: 45 min