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Fresh Asiago Stuffed Tomatoes

Pomodori ripieni di Asiago Fresco DOP

Asiago DOP

Fresh Asiago Stuffed Tomatoes

Time: 10 min Lifestyle: Traditional Type of cheese: Asiago Fresco, Asiago Stagionato Course: Appetiser

4 large tomatoes round
200g cheese Fresh Asiago PDO
oil, salt, pepper to taste
a few basil leaves
100 g chickpeas (optional)


Preparation time​: 10 min

Wash the tomatoes, remove the stem and hollow them out internally, putting the pulp to the side. Salt the tomato halves and pour a drizzle of oil into each. Squeeze the pulp set aside, remove the water, add the diced Asiago Fresco PDO cheese, the oregano, salt and pepper and, if you like, the chickpeas. Fill each tomato with the mixture and serve cold.


Preparation time: 10 min