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Three-colour lasagnetta with crispy vegetables

Lasagnetta tricolore con verdurine croccanti, Montasio DOP e ricotta di pecora

Montasio DOP

Three-colour lasagnetta with crispy vegetables

Time: 1 h 43 min Lifestyle: Delicacies Type of cheese: Montasio Course: Single dish

200 g yellow egg pasta
200 g green egg pasta
100 g red egg pasta
500 g milk
50 g roux
200 g ricotta cheese
100 g carrots
100 g zucchini
100 g peppers
100 g eggplants
50 g artichokes
50 g small apples
30 g Montasio PDO
salt, pepper, olive oil to taste.


Preparation time: 1 h 30 min

Cooking time: 13 min 

Stretch the dough and cut it into 8 cm squares. Precook the pasta and cool it down in water and ice (alternatively use ready made lasagne).
Prepare the bechamel sauce by bringing milk to the boil and bonding with flour, butter and salt.
Wash and clean all the vegetables and cut into julienne strips. Bake the vegetables in a combi steam oven at 150° for 7 minutes. 
Prepare the lasagne by putting a little bechamel sauce on the base of the oven dish and alternating the sheets of egg pasta in colours (yellow, green, red, yellow, green), the bechamel sauce, previously melted Montasio PDO, ricotta cheese and vegetables. Bake the lasagne in the oven at 160° for 10 minutes. Make an edge on the plate with zucchini puree and place the fresh lasagne in the centre.


Preparation time: 1 h 30 min

Cooking time​: 13 min